"Exquisite...Ross is that rare bird among journalists: he deeply cares, he takes sides, yet he refuses to avoid the unpleasant fact pertinent to the truth. This book is a gem." Edward Broadbent (President, International Centre for Human Rights and Democracy)

"Ross's stories are filled with danger and excitement and the intensity of lives lived under phenomenal stress and great peril...a compelling, moving and, ultimately, affirming read." The Vancouver Sun

"A highly enjoyable and edifying read...Ross never ceases to be amazed at the casual brutality and racism he encounters, or to be touched by gestures of kindness and moments of humour. It is this quality that makes his journey into the mountains such an enriching one for the reader."
The Globe and Mail

"Engrossing and upbeat...a compelling, informative book." Ottawa Citizen

"A compelling exploration of the human spirit." Georgia Straight